What’s Man Bicep?

Man Bicep came about because of a joke about a statistic found in a magazine.

One day after a back and bi lift, I (Cori that is) walked up to a couple of friends and blurted out, “Did you know my bicep is supposedly the same size as a man’s!?!”

They both started laughing and one goes, “You have a man bicep!”

Ever since then I have owned that term.

Me being...well...me....

Me being…well…me….

Man Bicep is a term that many women would see as derogatory, and instead I’ve thought of it as something empowering and well…silly. I don’t have huge biceps. BUT I do lift heavy, which most women fear will give them huge “man” biceps!


So venture over to the weight room floor, start lifting and grow those biceps! 😉

Join the Man Bicep crew and get your Man Bicep gear here!

Oh yea sweat and biceps! Beautiful! :-)

Oh yea sweat and biceps! Beautiful! 🙂

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this site are my opinions and should not be seen as a substitute for qualified medical expertise. This blog simply conveys my opinions about diet and nutrition based on my experiences as a personal trainer and life-long athlete.

  1. Love what you are all about! More women need to be spreading the word… I just wish the mainstream media would listen!
    I’ve been a competitive powerlifter for 10 years, a division 1 strength coach and currently a sports performance coach. never once have i woken up with hulk muscles…. but then again, I like muscle! 😉

  2. I LOVE your blog! That is why I am nominating you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. It should posted on my blog later today.

  3. you are my new personal hero….

  4. JUST DISCOVERED YOUR PAGE! Inspired!!! Thanks so much!

  5. Awesome. I’d love man biceps of my very own. You look amazing.

    • Well thank you! You do have man biceps! You’re arms looked awesome in the pics from your post…You just need to believe it! P.S. Saw you are getting married…When!?! And congrats!!!!!

      • Thanks very much. I’m already married. But I’m sure the bicep compliment was for me. Lol. See, I’m believing already.

      • haha nevermind then! The bicep compliment was definitely for you! I just thought I saw in one of your comments on another blogger that you said that but I must have just seen a similar gravatar name. Sorry!

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