Some days you just don’t have it

There are just some days that no matter how hard you try, your workout just isn’t up to par. You can’t lift the weight you lifted last week; you can’t row that 500m as fast as you did the other day.

And that just sucks.

And it frustrates you. And you get down on yourself. And then you carry that bad attitude throughout the rest of the workout, which prevents you from really getting the most out of your workout.

But don’t let it! Stop those negative thoughts in their tracks!

Everyone has workouts that aren’t as good as they would like them to be. You can’t make progress every single workout, which sucks but is true. You are going to hit plateaus or have days where you are just worn out and your muscles don’t want to work.

But you can still get a lot out of those bad workouts. You just have to change the way you think about them. Instead of seeing them as not a good workout, think positively about the fact that you even worked out at all. Most of the time when I’ve had a bad workout, I didn’t want to workout that day anyway. I was either super tired that day or stressed or even worn out from the workout the day before.

So instead of getting down on myself about the workout, I think about the fact that I managed to push through an intense exercise session even though I would rather be eating ice cream on the futon in front of my TV.

Don't give in to the laziness!

I like to think that I’ve only had a bad workout if I didn’t give it everything I had that day. And the only time I seem to slack off is when I have a negative attitude.

So drop the attitude and just enjoy the workout! If you give every workout your all, you should never be disappointed!

This post was inspired by Judy Fleming. Thank you Judy for the post suggestion!

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