The Tortise and the Hare

When I was little I was never really a fan of the Tortise and the Hare story, but lately I’ve realized just how applicable that story is to fitness and weight loss goals.

Today more than ever, people want instant results. We want the quick fix. We want to lose 30lbs in 30 days. We want speedy results – we want things to move like the Hare not like the Tortise!

So to get speed results we choose a crash diet. We drop weight quickly and it doesn’t take long to see the finish line. But once we start getting the great results, we can’t maintain them…We can’t keep up that pace or we get complacent knowing that we quickly got so close to our goal. Plus, we don’t really have the tools to keep the weight off because the crash diet we did isn’t something realistic that we can keep up for any extended period of time.

BUT if we had chosen a healthy diet that didn’t promise quick results but instead promised life-long health, we would eventually see the results we wanted. With this type of diet, we won’t see quick results, but if we are consistent and patient will we reach our goal. And the best part is…we will be able to maintain our results!!!

So while a crash diet may get you there quickly, you won’t be able to maintain the results for long, which will just lead to a cycle of crash dieting. If you are instead consistent and patient and allow the results to occur slowly, you will reach your goal and be able to maintain it. Slow and steady does in fact win the race!!!!

Being patient and giving yourself time to reach your diet and fitness goals isn’t easy. I’m right there with you in terms of wanting quick results.

I’ve tried crash diets. I’ve done a low-fat, low-carb diet and lost a ton of weight very quickly, BUT the diet wasn’t something I could maintain. It was just about the blandest food you could eat. So eventually I couldn’t control my cravings and ate terrible, horrible no good, very bad food and gained the weight back.

Once I’d gained the weight back, I knew I had to do something different the next time. I didn’t want to keep up the crash diet cycle. That is when Ryan and I started Primal.

Mark Sisson and his Primal diet don’t promise you quick weight loss or six-pack abs. They do promise you that you will quickly feel better and more energetic. And if you follow his guidelines for weight loss, you will slowly but steadily lose weight! His diet also makes it easy to lose fat WHILE gaining muscle, which I found was near impossible on a low-fat, low-carb diet.

I’ve been following some variation of the Primal diet now since January 2010. And I’ve seen results…slowly. BUT I also enjoy eating primally. I don’t dread meals or constantly dream about pizza. And I feel healthier and more energetic than I have on any other diet. I used to ride the carb wave and have energy spikes and dips, but since starting Primal I only suffer those spikes on cheat days.

And the same slow and steady approach that you need to have with your diet plan, you need to apply to your fitness program. Don’t think that you can just go from 0-60 and get great results that you can maintain. I’ve seen people try. And usually they get great results and then get injured. Bye Bye great results.

So be patient. It isn’t easy, I know. But if you really want great results…Slow and steady wins the race!! 🙂


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