Does this list upset anyone besides me? US News’s list of Top-Rated Diets is RIDICULOUS! How can you put the Slimfast diet (a diet full of processed CRAP) above Paleo (a diet consisting only of natural, whole foods)?

Check out the list. Let me know what you think!

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  1. I think these diets are a no-brainer for the most part: load up on unsweetened whole fruits and plain or spiced whole vegetables, with as little sodium intake as possible. I think people would be better off if they just followed that simple rule: Make vegetable and fruit the “base of the food pyramid” for your diet–i.e. Get your carbs from those instead of bread, cereal and processed carbs like crackers and chips (even if these carbs state “whole grain” on the package). I suppose I understand why Slimfast is on the list–but I definitely agree with you that this diet is full of processed chemicals and sugars and devoid of healthy fats. People would be much fuller, and thus much happier, if they ate more whole foods instead of drinking the shakes or eating the bars.

    • I agree that whole fruits and vegetables should be the basis of a healthy diet (in my opinion with LOTS of meat haha). That to me is what Paleo I don’t understand how it is so low down.

      BUT I don’t agree with you on the sodium thing. You do need sodium and I think we worry WAY too much about it. There was actually just an article that I read about how our phobia of sodium may be incorrect…I’ll see if I can find it to send to you.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. The striking thing for me is just HOW MANY diets there are out there. There are so many of them! No wonder nutrition is such a difficult thing for many people to understand, because so many so-called authorities have turned eating into this super-complicated thing. I have this theory – and that list further convinces me that I’m right – that diet industry people are invested in making nutrition seem more complicated than it really is, because that way people feel like they have to read books and buy special products to understand it.

    I prefer to keep it simple. Eat food that is recognizable as food. Don’t eat too much stuff that comes out of boxes or cans. Eat when you are hungry. Don’t eat when you aren’t hungry. It doesn’t have to be super hard!

    • You are so right! The diet INDUSTRY does try to make it something complicated because they want to SELL PRODUCTS. I agree that eating well isn’t complicated. I eat Primally – whole, natural unprocessed foods. I mean how does that end up last on the list!?!

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