Vanishing of the Bees

Ok so sometimes I’m really glad that Ryan picks out the TV shows and movies that we watch because I would never have watched this documentary on my own (of course this also has a downside…sometimes I’m forced to watch movies like Step Brothers BLEH).

Anyway, yesterday we watched Vanishing of the Bees. The documentary talks about the fact that honeybees have been literally disappearing from their hives…just sort of dying off.

Which may leave you thinking…who cares all they are used for is honey…BUT THAT IS FALSE!

Honeybees are the reason that we have most of our vegetable and fruit crops.

Commercial honeybee operations pollinate crops that make up one out of every three bites of food on our tables.

So without the honeybees, we would be EXTREMELY dependent on foreign crops.

So of course…scientists began trying to figure out ways to SOLVE the problem…let’s be clear here…not ways to PREVENT the problem…but ways to SOLVE the problem.

They tried dividing up the hives to repopulate the abandoned ones. They tried antibiotics. But nothing was really solving the issue of the disappearance of the bees (or as they call it Colony Collapse Disorder). Hives were still being abandoned and droves of honeybees were still dying off.

The farmers then find out from their European colleagues that the disappearance of their honeybees may have something to do with the pesticides being used on some of the crops that the honeybees are pollinating.

The pesticides may be killing off the bees! But does the government respond by pulling the product off the market? NOPE!

Why? Because we would rather solve a problem with a new product rather than prevent it by not using an old one.

We would rather create drugs for ailments and disease than prevent them by educating people on healthy eating.

We have the attitude of we can SOLVE any problem so we don’t need to worry about PREVENTION.


Prevention will help us keep this planet healthy. Prevention will help you keep yourself healthy!!!

It’s like I tell my clients, you invest in your health now (prevention) so you don’t have to spend more money later dealing with all the medical bills (trying to solve the problems).

The same applies to almost every aspect of our lives, including the fact that it is worth spending more money on grass-fed beef and organic vegetables to save our environment and our health.

I mean…think about it…if pesticides are killing the bees…they’ve got to have some effect on us. Not to mention if the bees die off so do most of our fruits and vegetables!!

So stop believing there will be a solution to any problem and start trying to PREVENT the problems!!! Start eating well and buying organic and taking care of yourself!!!

PREVENTION may be the BEST SOLUTION to any problem!

(DISCLAIMER: I’m really not a hippie…not that there is anything wrong with being one).

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