Relaxing in Cali

Today Ryan took me for my first ever massage and then we went for a 17 mile bike ride. A perfect day of relaxation and rehab!

I must admit that I have a very hard time fully relaxing, which is probably why I’ve never gotten a massage before. I’m a super type A personality and have a hard time doing absolutely nothing. Even today, during the massage, I analyzed what the massues was doing and had to kept reminding myself to relax and stop thinking. haha

Although I do now wish I could have talked to him about the alignment of my body and the areas that were tight. It was interesting to feel the massues work. Like instantly he realized that one side of my lumbo pelvic hip complex was tighter than the other and began to stretch it (I know when one side gets tighter than the other because one pants leg feels just a teeny bit shorter…).

Anyway, besides being relaxing I loved seeing the knowledge of the human body that the massues had. AND I found the bike ride to be almost equally as relaxing as the massage. It was great to just ride casually. It was super peaceful.

All in all a great way to relax my mind and body and rehab from a couple of very grueling months. Plus, it was nice to get outside and enjoy some warmer weather before we go back to the cold of Boston!


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