The Feminization of Gym Equipment

I honestly believe that gym equipment is being designed more and more toward women. Here is why:

Our old pieces were black and grey.

The new pieces are white and purple. And while I’m a fan of color, white and purple are definitely softer and more “feminine.” Of course I did just find out that our club “chose” those colors. But the fact that they are even available means something to me. Now they aren’t only make light-weight barbie dumbbells with colors targeted at women but also big powerlifting equipment!

Two other things that made me feel the equipment was more feminine was the size and height of it and the shape.

Like the bench. Before it was all straight lines like the one above. Now our new one is “softer” and curvier.

While this isn't the correct colors it shows you the shape.

I found it interesting that they curved the back part where you rack the weights. They claim it is for “easy spotter access,” but I didn’t find it to be any easier than before. It honestly just looks softer and potentially more inviting to women in my opinion.

And in terms of the height and size of the weight machines, they are all smaller.

To reach the bar on our old Lat Pulldown machine, I had to stand on the bench. This new one I can reach standing with my feet pretty much flat on the ground. The same thing goes for our new functional trainers.  I can actually reach the pull up bar while standing flat on the ground!

So do you agree? Do you think the colors, shape and size of the machines hint that companies are gearing gym machines more toward women? Is it good or sort of sad that companies feel they need to feminize weight machines?




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  2. I definitely see your point, the curve of the bench has a feminine flair, but to me it looks like it may just have more of a “modern” feel. But you know they are never going to stop making traditional looking benches, so you always have that option for yourself.

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