Are you happy with your body?

The results of a survey published by FITNESS Magazine and Yahoo! revealed that “57% of women polled think they look fat naked and 81% of adults have a body part they hate.”

These results don’t surprise me – we all know that most people aren’t content with their bodies.

I mean come on…don’t people in the diet and fitness industry sort of bank on the fact that we all want to improve some part of our body? (Uhm we most definitely do! Of course I wish that most people just wanted to get stronger or feel fitter rather than change their bodies but that is a conversation for another time.)

But anyway, I find it sort of sad that 81% of adults have a body part they hate. And what I find even more upsetting is that women, in general, are less happy with their bodies than men.

What is wrong with us women?

Is it the media? Is it men? Is it other women? Why are we so insecure?

Why do we focus on the one body part we hate instead of focusing on the other 99% of our bodies that we love?

Boy do I wish I had an answer…

All I can say is when I eat well and lift heavy weights, I’m pretty darn  happy with my body even if it isn’t perfect in someone else’s eyes.

Maybe that’s it…maybe we women focus too much on everyone else and not enough on ourselves.

I mean do you really think you look fat or do you just “think” that you do because you are worried some other woman/man/thing thinks you look fat?



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