Things I hate…

  • I hate stupid conventional wisdom articles that tell people to eat lots of meals and lots of carbs.
  • I like FITBOMB’s post, but I hate people like Paula Deen. I mean come on…your food didn’t cause your problems!?!
  • I hate when people come to you and say “I want to be in shape” because what does “in shape” really mean? For some people, it means being able to function in everyday life or lose weight. While for other people, it means running 3 bazillion miles a day or being able to lift 1,000 pounds! “In shape” is too general a term, which I think is why so many women’s magazines and diet ads use it –  the term can literally mean anything so they use it to sell you something that does literally nothing! So if you really want to be successful at getting “in shape,” I would suggest that first you define what “in shape” means to you. Once you define “in shape,” you can set goals and create a plan that will get you there. Trust me, you will be way more successful at reaching your goals once they are CLEARLY defined.
  • I hate the fact that celebrities are out there promoting bogus diet and workout plans.  I thought this article by Charlotte Andersen about bad celebrity fitness/diet tips was pretty amusing.
  • Talk about bad advice….There is a month dedicated to Oatmeal? Who in their right mind would have decided that? And I’m sorry…YOU DON’T NEED WHOLE GRAINS! So BOOOO to this article!
  • The DASH Diet? Really people!?! How is this the diet to follow in 2012?
  • I’ve seen too many articles about how on Paleo and Primal you miss out on key vitamins and minerals. People say you miss out because you are eating a high protein, low carb diet. But you can eat low carb and get plenty of vitamins and minerals! I mean I’ve found that I eat WAY more vegetables on Paleo and Primal than I ever did on a high carb diet!

And somethings that amused me…(mostly because the baby is cute!).

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