6% of Americans call out sick the Monday after the Super Bowl

I was not one of those Americans. Nope I was up at the crack of dawn per the usual – a day full of training, working out, emails and paperwork.

I did wake up super full though this morning because for the first time in the last 6 weeks, I ate more than just some fruit, veggies and nuts for carbs. I had POTATOES…fried in duck fat for that matter!

I was not one of  thousands of Americans eating pizza, crackers and popcorn last night. I was instead enjoying a ridiculously delicious Primal feast!

This was definitely not served at my house!

And, I didn’t feel like I was at all deprived or missing out even though many of my friends couldn’t believe I was passing on a day to eat bad food.

Nope instead of pizza and wings and veggie oil fried chips I had: (The pictures are a bit rough and the food isn’t displayed super nicely since it was just me and Ryan chowing down!)

Homemade duck fat fried potato chips (peeled potatoes and duck fat with salt and pepper)

Homemade guacamole (organic avocados, salsa, heavy cream and seasoning spices)

Chorizo queso dip (local pork chorizo, full fat raw milk or grass-fed cheeses and homemade salsa)

Parmesan, scallion and bacon dip (full fat Parmesan, scallions, nitrite-free bacon)

Homemade deviled eggs (cage free eggs, heavy cream, paprika, nitrite-free bacon)

Parmesan Crisps (grass-fed butter and full-fat parmesan)

stacked up next to the guacomole...and almond butter haha

Organic apples, raw milk and grass-fed cheeses and wild boar salami tray

Banana, almond butter, chocolate bites (organic bananas spread with raw almond butter dipped in super dark chocolate)

They don't look good BUT they tasted delicious!

Chocolate macadamia nut bark with sea salt (Macadamia nuts and dark chocolate sprinkled with sea salt)

AND because I’m not a big beer drinker…Organic Hard Cider! YUM!

All in all a perfectly Primal and super delicious meal without the crappy bad food hangover! I did eat a bit too much though and roll around on the bean bag complaining the rest of the night…but what the hey!

Next time your friends tell you that you are missing out by not eating their gluten-laden party foods, show them this list and ask them if pizza really looks better!


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