Vegan Boyfriends – Kind to animals, abusive to their women

I was disgusted when Ryan showed me this commercial yesterday. My first thought was this is a commercial about rape, but I soon realized it was a commercial trying to convince men to become Vegans.

It was a commercial showing just how MASCULINE vegan men are.

And guess who created it!?!

PETA! People for the ETHICAL TREATMENT of animals….

Isn’t part of the point of going vegetarian or vegan to protect animals and get them more humane treatment?

This commercial doesn’t seem at all connected to the “ethical treatment of animals.” Actually it makes me think that vegan men are abusive bastards who eat only vegetables.

It disgusts me that the commercial glorifies abuse of a partner as being MASCULINE?

I mean, does this really convince any guys or girls that they or their partner should go vegan?

I sincerely hope not.

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  1. 1. I’m not sure how rough

  2. Vegan manhood! HA! The ultimate oxymoron!

  3. I think the bruises and limping are from anemia and brittle bones due to severe malnutrition following a vegan diet.

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