The good, the bad and the simply stupid

The Olympics have begun! Anyone else excited!?!

What do you think about skimpy workout clothes for women? Some women feel that they are more comfortable while others believe that skimpy workout clothes are negatively impacting the image of women’s athletics…Either way, the cold London weather may keep beach volleyball players from strutting their stuff in bikinis! Will ratings take a hit!?!

The Good

  • I like this quote: “Even when the going gets rough, never forget why you started!” Sometimes I think we get so focused on our failure at that moment that we forget to remember why we are even doing any of it in the first place!
  • Here is an interesting article about the Olympics. It is exciting to hear that more and more women are participating!
  • This isn’t really good but it is an interesting article about why it may be harder to stay focused on your goals when you are stressed!

The Bad

  • I HATE hearing that someone penalizes him or herself because they don’t workout or stick to their diet. Don’t penalize yourself for a slip up! Everyone is going to slip up every once in a while. Instead REWARD yourself for doing the right thing! We want positive reinforcement people!
  • I disliked this article from the very first couple of sentences. While it is a great idea to keep a food journal, never eating out and never skipping meals is just too unrealistic. The diet that people will STICK TO is one that is easy to fit into their lifestyle. You CAN make a diet work even if you do have to eat out or skip a meal! I actually think that the ability to eat out and even skip a meal is what makes Primal such a great diet and so easy to stick to!

The Simply Stupid

  • TAKE SOME TIME OFF! Too often I hear people complain that they are run down or not getting the results they want when they are working their butts off. Most of the time it is because they never give their body a chance to recover. Your muscles grow when they have time to rest and rebuild! Recovery is an ESSENTIAL part of any training regime. If you don’t rest enough, all or your hard work won’t pay off as much as it could!
  • Really!?! Decreases cellulite? Strengthens and increases flexibility?!?! And all you have to do is stand on it and it shakes!?! WHAT!!!! Oh but if that isn’t enough you can get the Power Step and do other moves that really have nothing to do with their supposed technology! AHHHH! And the worst thing about all of this was the trainer endorsing the system!

Blast cellulite! “You can get a better workout in just 10 minutes than you would get in one hour on the treadmill!”

Look at all the moves you can do on it that have nothing to do with the shaking step!


Uhm….Red chips serve as a stop sign to help people stop eating!?! I guess this could work…I mean it is way too hard to just take out a serving size or pay attention to the fact that your stomach is full….

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  1. i want to know how these researchers are paid to do studies that seem retarded. I bet if the chips smelled like dog doo they probably wouldn’t eat that much…..

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