Have I mentioned before that I hate cardio?!?

So my new AWESOME job that I’m so STOKED about (they all say “stoked” here…it sounds as weird to me as “wicked” originally did…) has tasks that we complete that help us develop as leaders, individuals and trainers.

I looked down the list and I was excited until I saw “Running” as one of the tasks.


Have I mentioned before that I really really dislike running anything more than a sprint!?!

Well I DO!

And I thought that the running would be the worst of it (and by worst I don’t mean necessarily the hardest…I just mean the thing I dislike the most.)

BUT it isn’t.

I had my first real intense encounter with the VersaClimber yesterday.

Uhm…I definitely didn’t look one iota like this when I was on it…Gasping for breath and sweaty is more like it…

It is now my new “favorite” cardio machine. It used to be the erg (oh how I love/hate the erg), but now it is most definitely the VersaClimber.

Completing all of the VersaClimber tasks is going to be absolutely miserable in that way that I love.

So I guess maybe the running actually still is the worst thing since it isn’t just sprints…

What piece of cardio equipment do you love to hate? Have you had an “encounter” with the VersaClimber!?!

P.S.  Don’t expect this blog to change from lifting to cardio just because I went to a new gym! Killer weight workouts are still to come! 🙂

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