It’s funny. I don’t feel that old.

But when I look at kids today, I can’t help but think about how different my childhood was from theirs.

I was always playing. I was always active even if that meant climbing trees…actually climbing jump ropes that I hung from trees (that occasionally snapped…I didn’t say I was bright…Sorry Man Bicep Mom if you didn’t know that….)

But kids today don’t just go out and play. They don’t ride their bikes around the neighborhood or roller blade or run around like mad people.

They are playing video games or watching TV or SITTING DOWN.

Not that studying isn’t great and not that watching TV doesn’t have its place, but kids need to MOVE!

I mean you hear about the increase in childhood obesity all of the time, but what are we really doing about it!?! Sending out more literature about it? Telling parents NOT to let their kids watch TV!?!

Well how about we tell parents what can actually CHANGE the situation!

And what is one of the best ways to encourage young kids to move!?! MUSIC!

Ryan actually was the one to show me how important music actually was to getting kids to move.

Ryan was a preschool teacher and music teacher. Now he pretty much solely focuses on the music education end of things.His Rhymin’ Ryan music gets preschoolers and younger children off their butts and wiggling to the music.

And of course I am musically challenged…in every way. So I was excited when he started doing something musical that I actually understood…music and MOVEMENT.

And why does music work so well to encourage kids to move?

Because music makes movement or exercise into PLAY!

Kids will move if they think it is fun. When you make movement into exercise or a chore, they won’t do it. They will want to instead sit in front of the TV.

So stop forcing them to do certain sports or tell them they need to exercise because they play too many video games.

Instead of just saying, “You can’t watch TV” find FUN ACTIVITIES you can do. Be it dancing around to music or playing on the playground together, make exercise something fun not a chore!

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