Balancing on one foot

So if you’ve ever injured your ankle, you’ve probably had to do some balancing on one foot for rehab.

But balancing on one foot has a lot more benefits that just rehabbing your ankle.

Actually, I would say it is an essential part of any exercise program!

A one leg balancing exercise should be a part of any and EVERY warm up.

You can balance on a flat foot on an AeroMat Balance pad. You can balance on your toes on the flat ground. You can balance on an incline on your toes…

Whatever the your level….there is a balancing exercise that will help you become stronger.

These exercises prepare your body from the ground up for exercise. They work to strengthen your foot and the tendons in your ankle. They also help you create more stability at your knee joint AND they make you activate your core.

As I said…They work you from the ground up!

Stronger feet, stronger ankles, more stable leg joints and a core that is engaged….Sounds like a body that is ready to handle some loads.

So why aren’t you doing some sort of balancing exercise in your warm up?

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