I’m excited to be giving some Man Biceper an Under Armour sweatshirt!

Yay sweatshirt!

Yay you could have this sweatshirt!

I don’t want to make you jump through too many hoops BUT I do what to hear some interesting comments!

So what do you have to do to get one?

  1. Share this post on Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Comment that you shared the post.
  3. In that comment on this post also state either the funniest aka stupidest thing you’ve ever heard about diet and exercise OR your favorite exercise move and why.
  4. THEN send me a picture of your Man Bicep, manbiceps@gmail.com. (This last one is optional but it would be awesome to have a picture of a few awesome Man Bicepers! :-))

So there you have it.

Share this post and then comment on it with the link and either an exercise you love or the stupidest thing you’ve heard about diet and exercise! (And hopefully an awesome photo of your Man Bicep!)

You have until the end of the day Monday to enter! And on Tuesday I’ll announce a randomly picked winner from the comments!

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  1. I shared on twitter! https://twitter.com/SS_Summer/status/279710479520239617

    The dumbest thing I ever heard about exercising, well it was that little belt actually, that was battery operated and “contracted” your ab muscles so you could supposedly sit around all day and be getting firm abs while you did!

  2. I shared it on facebook, so it should be visible for you on my timeline 🙂

    The dumbest thing I’ve heard continues to be the myth that anyone is able to change the shape of their muscles (rather than just the size) via targeted exercises. Either that or spot-reducing fat. All the crunches in the world won’t get rid of belly fat, though you might someday have a six pack buried underneath there 😛

    You have my Man Bicep from March of last year, but I may have to send an updated picture; there’s a bit more definition these days (yay!).

    • HAHAHA I love when people tell me they do tons of crunches and don’t understand why their abs aren’t showing. I want to say tell them that they probably have six pack abs…under the fat from eating crap food!

  3. My fave exercise is the romanian deadlift. I love the feeling of a strong lower back, butt and hamstrings.
    I shared on twitter.

  4. I shared it on Twitter.
    The dumbest exercise thing I ever saw was a belt machine that supposedly “shook” the fat off you. This was a long time ago, and my mom actually had one. I remember us kids had a lot of fun playing with it, but of course it wasn’t effective.

  5. I heard about this potato diet once…

  6. Yes, I shared this on twitter: https://twitter.com/dolphyngyrl/status/280733329068793856

    My favorite exercise right now is actually a yoga pose called Legs Up the Wall. It’s the most effective for me for stretching my hamstrings (since they’re always so tight/strong from the lifting)(which starts the list of my next favorite exercises 🙂 )

  7. just posted on my FB wall.

    no offense…but the potato diet has been the weirdest of late.

    I keep hearing ‘i don’t want to bulk up so i don’t lift heavy’ comments in the gym and on blogs. favorite moves right now are anything with kettle bells.

  8. The silliest thing I’ve ever heard about diet and exercise….Once, someone told me that the best way to lose weight is to wrap saran wrap around your waist and workout. You instantly lose, 2 or 3 more lbs – or so I was told by said person. What they didn’t know was that the extra weight was just water and would come right back on after they rehydrated. Pretty funny!

  9. I shared on facebook.
    I guess the thing that irritates me the most is when people don’t want to lift weights because they think they will get bulky. I am a runner, and even I know this is not true!

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