How many times a day do you say the word “no?”

More importantly, how many times a day do you tell yourself the word “no?”

I bet it’s a lot…and I mean A LOT.

No I can’t run faster. No I can’t lift more. No I can’t…..No I won’t….No I’m too tired…too stressed…too…


“No” can be one of the most destructive words.

When you tell yourself “no,” you are basically telling yourself that you don’t believe in yourself.

You are telling yourself that you can’t do something before you’ve even tried.

You aren’t even giving yourself a chance!!! You don’t KNOW if you can do it because instead of trying you say, “NO…I can’t.”

I see it every day.

And you know what my response almost 100% of the time is? “Well try and we will see!”

And guess what?

Most of the time when people actually give themselves a chance, they prove they CAN in fact do it!

So then if most of the time we actually CAN do something, why are we constantly putting ourselves down by saying “no?”

Are we afraid to fail? Do we not want to work hard? Are we worried more about how others view us than how we view ourselves?


Honestly, it’s probably a big combination of the things above as well as the fact that many of us DON’T have confidence in our own abilities.

We are usually our own hardest critic.

And our stupid self-doubt usually keeps us from accomplishing half of what we can actually do.

And if you don’t believe in you, why should anyone else?

So starting this weekend, stop holding yourself back with the word “no” when you workout…or in life for that matter.

Try pushing yourself even if it means failure. Give yourself a chance!!!

I mean…what’s worse…Trying and failing or never trying at all?

I’d rather try and fail and get back up then wish I’d tried at all!

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