How bad do you want it?

I’ve been asked this question numerous times recently when I’ve been lifting and have wanted to give up.

It always manages to amp me up just enough to push hard until the end even when I thought I had nothing left to give.

It even got me through my workout on Friday – and I literally almost skipped the workout because my body was just so tired.

I was bruised and beaten down. Just about every muscle was sore. I was on the verge of being completely overtrained.

And I talk a lot about NOT overtraining. But there are some points where you just have to give everything you’ve got and more.

There are going to be the rare times, like when training for competition, when you might have to overload your body to really get the results you want.

This overload isn’t prolonged. At most it is a couple of weeks. But still…those weeks leave you feeling destroyed and sometimes even emotionally drained.

But you push through knowing that the harder you work, the bigger the payoff in the end.

You push yourself because you know this isn’t the norm.

You fight even when you want to give up.

You prove how bad you want it.

Now I ask you, when is the last time you wanted something so bad that you fought through sweat, blood and tears?

When was the last time you pushed until you really had nothing left to give?


Well than maybe you just haven’t yet found something worth fighting for.

In my opinion though, being fit and strong and healthy is sometimes worth the pain. It is worth sometimes feeling like the odd man out because you aren’t indulging in junk food at the party. It is worth sometimes going to the gym even when you just want to go home.

It is worth a little sweat, blood and tears.

Do you?

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