Really Jillian Michaels? Really!?!

So I wrote a post a while back about Jillian Michaels…It was actually a rant against her.

She demonstrated a crossfit workout and looked HORRIBLE doing just about everything. I had some people rush to her defense…

“She’s done so much for fitness.”

“She looks amazing.”

“So what…crossfit isn’t her thing. It is hard.”

UHM! She is a trainer. A huge, celebrity trainer. She SHOULD be able to do the moves. AND she has enough power that I’m sure she could even dictate which moves they did on the show. She could choose moves that she even looked good doing. AND on top of that the moves they had her do weren’t even difficult!

I’m sorry…Jillian Michaels is an AWFUL trainer!

I mean there is some really really bad form out there…just cruise the Awkward Gym Moments page and you will get your fill. There are some videos on that page that make me cringe.

However, bad form from a person that supposedly has made fitness and a healthy lifestyle their living….now that just makes me want to throw up.

There really is no excuse for her bad form. She does this for a living and has more than enough time to do the research (or have others do the research for her) so that she can master proper form.

Just to set things straight…A kettlebell swing isn’t a squat exercise. It is a hip hinge.

In a squat, your butt goes down toward the ground and you bend your knees. You aren’t bending your knees or dropping your butt toward the ground with a hip hinge. Your butt is going back toward the wall (or the ground if you are doing a glute bridge) and then you squeeze your glutes and drive your hips forward (or up).

So a TRUE swing is a hip hinge NOT the squat that Jillian is doing.

Next…a TRUE kettlebell swing is NOT an arm exercise. Sorry crossfitters but your American swing ISN’T a true swing and honestly destroys the whole point of a swing.

A true swing is a glute exercise. NOT an arm exercise.

Seriously why turn an awesome butt exercise into an arm exercise?


There are plenty of great arm exercises out there. Use one of those and leave this great butt exercise be!

So in a TRUE kettlebell swing, you DON’T bring your arms overhead. That throws off the whole rhythm of the swing.

If you watch and really good swing, there is a great connection between the forearm and hips. The glutes move the kettebell forward and then the hips catch the kettlebell to slow it down.

If you bring the arms overhead, you lose this whole connection! So…DON’T DO IT!

Here is a GREAT TRUE kettlebell swing. Her form is great. I don’t want to hear your excuses for not doing a swing like this.

This is right…If you don’t do it like this…You are wrong….Period.

And honestly, I don’t even know where to start with her long cycle (aka clean and jerk). It is so terrible I almost want to throw something at my computer screen every time I watch the video.

If you do it like that, you may as well just go bash your shoulder into a wall because sooner or later you are going to get injured.

Although….if you use a freaking baby weight like that….maybe you won’t. Seriously…lady at least LOOK like you are lifting something heavy to encourage women to lift heavy!

Way to go Jillian! You have awful form AND you don’t even promote women lifting heavy!

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  1. Oh my goodness… I am a newbie when it comes to lifting, but even I could tell that was horrible form… embarrassing.

  2. Funny that you post this…I was looking for a yoga video on YouTube the other day for a nice rest-day treat and I found one of Jillian’s and it was awful. I take yoga regularly, so I know how wrong her form was on nearly every pose AND she was going SO fast that it was practically cardio. I’m like…you are an idiot, woman. I shut it off after the first five minutes.

  3. I hear you … bad form is bad form, and celebrity trainers should certainly know better and not add to the problem plaguing our gyms (and living-rooms!). But let’s face it, the reality is that anyone watching kettlebell instruction in a 30s snippet during TV’s Biggest Loser that is *actually trying to learn technique* is probably doomed anyway. Said differently, people wanting to learn will read and/or take a class.

    The only point I am making here, is that such “displays” only serve one purpose – motivation. Biggest Loser is more drama and advertorial than “instructional”, but it likely spurs some people into action to make changes in their life.

    And as I am feeling generous, the same can likely be said for Jillian; she likely knows something of good form for most exercises, and she does represent “the healthy lifestyle”. In this context (a motivational–not instructional–snippet on a TV health drama), she is creating awareness that such an exercise even exists… and maybe that’s all the motivation needed to get one more fat, sedentary person off their ass and into a gym!

    Just an opinion, ymmv. Happy Friday!

  4. @paul the video shown wasn’t even shot during the actual episode. That was an exercise tip shot completely separately in a gym. It wasn’t live so I assume she had as many takes as she wanted to do it and that was the best she came up with? I could understand if she was working with a client and showing them something but c’mon, to do that while she’s shooting an instructional tip!?

  5. Slimming KBber

    This is why people don’t want to go to the gym because instead of just getting on with it you have snobs who go on about mundane and irrelevant things like form. Do you think my 308 slimmed to 268 body gives a flying f888 about form? Do you think I do? No I just want to work up a sweat and go home. I find Jillian motivating and helpful, at least she’s doing something and I’ve actually learnt a lot watching her videos to help me push myself more. Where are your videos sir and who are you motivating? Men like you piss me right off, send us girls home to eat lettuce leaves and come back to the gym to bench press 100lbs in an attempt to make us believe you’re helping. No, you’re an ass. I don’t see you fixing the problem just moaning about it and I ain’t getting slimmer listening to your bitchin’ so if you don’t mind I’ll take bad form over your negativity any day of the week!

    • I can appreciate a difference of opinion…But just to set the record straight…I’m a woman and I most definitely don’t recommend eating lettuce leaves…I’m actually not a fan of salad.

      Thanks for reading!

      And personally I don’t think form is mundane…It prevents injury.

      Congrats on your weight loss though!

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