Would you rather….

So yesterday at work one of the other trainers asked me a few “would you rather…” questions.

One was about which piece of equipment I would choose from the gym as a weapon if a zombie apocalypse happened…

And the other was about which I would rather give up, nuts or dairy.

Which got me to thinking, isn’t a healthy lifestyle really all about “would you rather?”

I mean think about it…If you could eat whatever your favorite food is every day and look and feel great and be healthy, wouldn’t you? Would you really eat vegetables or cut out gluten and processed foods if you didn’t have to?

Probably not.

BUT that isn’t reality.

The reality of it is you are always playing a sort of “would you rather” game. Would you rather eat that pint of ice cream and feel crappy later or eat a natural, whole foods meal and feel energized and good later?

Would you rather eat pizza and chips and not perform well or eat a burger without a bun and a salad and get in a great workout?

I personally would rather eat well and feel great, be healthy and perform well. That is why I eat well most of the time. Plus I do find that I enjoy all of the whole natural foods that I eat. I love grass-fed beef and fish and fruits and veggies (especially cauliflower for some reason haha).

BUT there are those cheat days when I WOULD RATHER indulge and even risk feeling super crappy the next day than eat healthy.

Eating well is a choice and sometimes it isn’t always an easy choice. When you are stressed or pressed for time or put into situations where the EASIEST thing to do is cheat, you are more tempted to just give in without really thinking about the consequences of your choices (and how you will feel tomorrow about them).

Eating well and working out isn’t easy (yes it is easier for some people than for others), but it is a choice.

So think about it…What would you rather do?

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