Thinking about Boston…

I wasn’t planning to write about the events from yesterday or even the Marathon itself, but honestly I can’t stop thinking about them. I can’t even describe how I feel about them, but I just feel the need to write SOMETHING.

So when people usually ask me what I miss about Boston, I usually can’t really think of anything to say…

The weather in Cali is SO MUCH BETTER. There are so many more outdoor activities that I have easy access to. There is Mexican food EVERYWHERE…There is no MBTA here or snow or cars splashing puddles of water on you or rain that turns your umbrella inside out so that you actually get wetter than if you just walked without one….

I mean what would I miss about Boston!?!

But yesterday watching the horrible events at the Marathon and a visiting from one of my favorite Boston lifting ladies, made me really miss Boston.

I spent the last seven years there and even though I can’t describe WHY I love Boston or even why I miss it….I really really do.

The atmosphere of Boston is unlike any other. I can list a ton of things that I don’t like about Boston…and even when I can’t list one thing that I really specifically miss…I miss Boston.

It’s like it seeped into my bones…

Anyway, the events yesterday affected me deeper than I expected and am just thankful that all my friends are safe. My thoughts are with all those who were affected.

It did help in an odd way to see a friendly face from Boston yesterday.

On a lighter note, seriously strong chica, Judy, came in for a little “torture” session last night, which she CRUSHED!

It was a metabolic Monday and she forced her partner to work extra hard. Her partner even said to her, “I can’t keep up with you!”

Judy, you are awesome! I’m so glad you came to visit!

If you are looking for a serious core move, try a plank with one arm waves!

If you are looking for a serious core move, try a plank with one arm waves!

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  1. Boston misses you, Cori.

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