The Best Thing EVER

There are two types of “The Best Thing Ever People” that bother me.

There are those people who start something new and claim it is the best thing EVER and then about two minutes in give it up and start a new thing, which will of course then become the best thing ever. Fad jumpers I call them. They jump from one bright new shiny thing to another. Constantly following what’s new and “hot.”

And then there are those people who latch on to one thing and never change. They won’t admit that there may be new research out there. They won’t admit that there are any flaws in what they are doing. They won’t accept any criticism and they condemn anyone who doesn’t follow the program as strictly as they do.

Loving what you are doing, believing in what you are doing, is great. But fanaticism isn’t. But neither is never committing and giving up the second something NEW comes out.

However, I find the second type of “best thing EVER-er” worse generally.

Fad jumpers can be super frustrating because they can complain when they don’t get results. And if you tell them that constantly jumping from thing to thing won’t ever get you results, they will say, “Of course it won’t!”

The problem is….most people don’t realize that they are doing it. They don’t realize that they never really give any program a chance to work.

Most of the fad jumpers just don’t have PATIENCE. They want results now.

However, these fad jumpers, these “Best Thing EVER-ers” aren’t near as difficult to deal with. At least most of these people are open-minded.

Whereas the other type of “best thing EVER” people aren’t open-minded at all once they choose a program to follow. And the funny part is….most of these people are also FAD JUMPERS….they just do it more slowly over the years.

Yes, some stick with one program their entire life, getting deeper and deeper into the science and beliefs. And these people aren’t near as infuriating…generally you just don’t even bring up the topic because they are so grounded in their beliefs and you, potentially, in yours.

But honestly most of the super dedicated, and MOST VOCAL, are actually secretly fad jumpers. They jump from one slightly off mainstream diet to another just, as I said before, at a much slower pace.

And the problem with these people who believe they are now doing the “best thing ever” is that they become closed-minded. They may have changed diets – done some learning and growing – but now they are done and what they are doing right then and there is now the best thing ever and anyone who doesn’t agree is wrong.

Even if the founders of the movement continue to learn and grow, these followers don’t. And sometimes the followers even condemn the leaders for their growth, saying that they are giving in or catering to more people to just make money.

It’s like time stands still once they decide on something. No more learning or growing can happen.

No new information could possibly come out that would make you want to revise your program. Because revising would be like admitting that you were WRONG!


Revising something doesn’t mean that you are admitting that you are wrong! It means you are smart enough to learn and grow! It means you really are dedicated to seeking out the best and healthiest program out there!

And what gets me is that most of these people at some point made huge jumps from one diet to another. Like I’ve seen Vegetarians jump to Paleo and then condemn anyone who doesn’t do strict Paleo when they once thought that eating meat was the worst thing you could possibly do!

I don’t get it.

While you can’t constantly jump from one thing to another, you also can’t pick something and then close your mind off to other ideas.

I know that I found some simple fundamentals through lots of self-experimentation that I will probably never change; HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that I’m not constantly learning, growing and building upon those simple rules.

So now…take a look at your diet and exercise program. Are you getting results? Because if you aren’t, yet you think you’ve found the “BEST THING EVER,” you may have one of the syndromes I’ve outlined above!

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