Get your best body EVER – In TWO SECONDS!

I’ve spent the last week working with Jeff, perfecting our next workout progression for the gym. We’ve considered so many different variables to make sure that everyone gets the most out of each workout that my head is spinning.

And the crazy part is, both of us  still feel like the progression could be better.

At some point though, you have to decide it is good enough. So I log into Pinterest for a little mental break before beginning some other work.

I don’t know how I feel about Pinterest. It is stupid…But at the same time…I LOVE IT.

I generally try to avoid looking at the Health and Fitness section because I know it will just make me angry.

But today I said, “What the heck. Maybe I’ll find something good.”

AHHHHHHH! (Insert a picture of me pulling my hair out and then starting to rant to Ryan about all the stupid things that are posted…You all should be feeling slightly sorry for Ryan right about now…He listens to a lot of ranting….)

Anyway, every other post is about some QUICK FIX! Some stupid challenge that will help you lose weight INSTANTLY!

I mean…I get it. We all want there to be some secret out there that will fix all of our problems. We all want an easy way out.

But it just simply doesn’t exist.

And on top of that, half the things being posted out there advertising a “quick fix” are complete nonsense!

A month squat challenge where all you do is squats?


Please someone tell me what the point is? It isn’t even a progression to help you add more weight!

And then there are the 30 days to 6-pack abs ones…Just do a bazillion crunches and you will look amazing….



I mean I get that they are trying to make easy little workouts to get people at least moving and motivated. Even small changes can lead to big results. And I also get that you aren’t going to “pin” a whole diet and exercise program to get a 6-pack.

But really…a bazillion different crunches? Not even full-body core moves!

Seeing these ridiculous quick workouts just made me angry after spending days on a progression. There are just so many HOLES in them.

So many ridiculous workouts that won’t get people any results whatsoever.

Which is sad. Because quick workouts CAN get results.

And 30 day challenges can be really beneficial! In 30 days, you can see a ton of changes and gain the momentum you need to make a healthy lifestyle change. In 30 days, you CAN really dig in and accomplish your goal!

If you are going to “pin” some quick workouts, at least find ones or make some that are truly beneficial. Don’t just throw together some random exercises because it seems like it would be hard or “gnarly.”

Don’t be suckered in by a title like “Better Booty in 2 moves!”

Because I also don’t simply want to rant without doing something about the crap out there, here are my Pinterest Bikini Body Blasts. I wouldn’t normally call them that, but I like the sarcasm I know is behind the title.

These workouts are under 15 minutes, shoot you can even set a timer for 10 minutes if you are really short on time.

And they WILL actually get you results…be it a bikini body, moving and feeling better or getting stronger.

They involve compound movements and work your entire body. The make you move in all the different planes of motion and they work on stability, strength and power. They can be done anywhere or taken to the gym and weighted down to make them even tougher.

You can take less rest and make them more “cardio” or you can take more rest and go really heavy with the moves to focus more on strength.

They will help you burn fat while strengthening your entire body, which, along with a good diet, is what it takes to have the “bikini body” that people are searching for.

bikini body workouts


P.S. Super Crunch for you Jill!

super crunch

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  1. AMEN to every word of this!

  2. These min workouts are endless now. It seems to have just taken off in the past year. With the squat challenge I told my husband the exact same thing. Shouldn’t we be resting between all this squatting?

    • Uhm yep! Why do squats day after day! That isn’t an impressive routine! What is impressive is if you can show someone how to get stronger so that they can do more squats AND a bazillion other things.

      I mean what is the point of doing a bazillion squats or being able to do a bazillion squats!?!

  3. I actually like a few of the “challenges” they post on Pinterest, but I add them to my usual routine and work rest days into the progression. But yes, I snort-laughed when I saw “Brazilian Booty Workout” pop up on the Health & Fitness page. XD

  4. What are super crunches?

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