Jalapeño Bacon Burger with Avocado Cream

I’ve been having a very up and down week. I think that is just the ebb and flow of being in a field where you are constantly dealing with people, both clients and other trainers. Not that you really needed to know that….


All of yesterday, I complained to Ryan. I moped and complained and just plain old whined. I even whined at him through text message (I was at work and had all of a sudden gotten hungry but had some more training to do before dinner.)

So he texted me, “Jalapeño bacon burgers with blue cheese avocado cream….”

My frown instantly turned upside down and I stopped my whining.

When I got home, a DELICIOUS meal was waiting for me.

The burgers were so good I just had to share the recipe!

Jalapeño Bacon Burgers with Blue Cheese Avocado Cream 

jalapeno bacon burgers with avocado cream


4 slices jalapeño bacon
1 pound of grass-fed ground beef
4 fresh lettuce leaves
Salt and Pepper
1 large avocado
2 oz Blue Cheese
3 tbsp Heavy Whipping Cream
1 tsp Garlic
Salt and Pepper to taste

Shape the ground beef into patties (we made four). Season with salt and pepper. Cook the jalapeño bacon in your skillet.

Remove bacon when browned and add burger patties to bacon grease. Cook to desired temperature.

While burgers are cooking, add avocado, blue cheese, garlic, salt, pepper and cream to a food processor. Process until creamy.

blue cheese avocado cream

When burgers are done, put two lettuce leaves on each plate. Top with avocado cream, burger patty and 2 slices bacon. Add a dash more avocado cream to the top piece of lettuce.

Then chow down!

(We did single patty burgers. You can do double or you can cook the other patties and save for lunch the next day. There is plenty of avocado cream sauce leftover for some burgers the next day too!)

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