To Strong Women Everywhere

strong women

Yes…I do realize it is funky punctuation.

I think most women are way stronger than they give themselves credit for.

I think we are taught from a very young age, intentionally or unintentionally, to be very humble, to be almost shy or even ashamed of our strength and abilities. We are almost taught to keep our strength to ourselves.

Far too often I hear females brush off compliments and downplay their abilities (sometimes they even completely deny them).

But we need to embrace our strength – we need to acknowledge our awesomeness!

It’s funny, but I really started thinking about all of this when one of my male clients said to me, “You are freaking awesome!” after we were discussing some sort of feat of strength.

Instead of blushing and denying it, I said, “I know, right!?!” (I was partially joking, but at the same time, I was PROUD of what I had accomplished).

And guess what? He didn’t roll his eyes or think I was cocky or conceited. He actually laughed and start to say to the client next to him, “Notice how she didn’t….”

I then interrupted him and said, “Didn’t deny it?”

He laughed again and said, “Yea!”

And I said, “Well I’m proud!”

And he said, “You should be!”


Ok…I’m not suggesting that we walk around saying, “I know!” when someone gives us a compliment. I’m just saying that we should start believing in ourselves and in our abilities.

We should start being proud of our STRENGTH.

Because, guess what!?! IT IS OK TO BE PROUD AND STRONG!

And right now you may be thinking, “Well I’m strong and I don’t have to go around bragging about it to be proud of it.”

Uhm well for one, I’m not suggesting your brag.ย And two, are you really proud of it if you can’t accept a compliment?

Are you really proud if you have to downplay your abilities?

Are you really proud if you are apologizing and excusing your strength?

Personally, I don’t think so.

Because how much can you truly BELIEVE in yourself if you keep telling yourself and other people you really aren’t that wonderful and strong?

We do start to believe what we tell ourselves and others. Our minds do hear the words coming out of our mouths. And our mind can be tricked into believing the lies….

I’ve seen a change over the years as I’ve gone from excusing and downplaying my strength, my abilities, to embracing them and maybe even, in some people’s eyes, bragging about them.

Heck, if saying “Yes. I am indeed strong” is bragging….GUILTY AS CHARGED….And very proud of it.

My point is that when I stopped denying and downplaying, I started to become even stronger because my mind wasn’t ever hearing that I wasn’t strong enough.

So take a second right now and think about it.

Are you truly proud of your strength?

How often do you recognize and appreciate your abilities when someone gives you a compliment? Or do you generally downplay what you’ve accomplished?

P.S. This post is dedicated to all of you wonderful women that inspire me every day with your strength inside and out of the gym!

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  1. Yes, this irks me too – women *do* downplay our abilities. I know I do as well. And it has repercussions in our careers – women are less likely to think we deserve a raise, and less likely to chase a promotion, or think we deserve one.

    Is being proud the same as bragging? I don’t think so. But the moment you show any sign of being proud of your abilities as a woman, you’re far more likely to be cut down for it.

    Welcome to the world of double standards.

    I still think we should be proud, and still think we should admit to that pride. We work hard – why shouldn’t we be proud of our achievements? We don’t stand a chance of equality until we stand tall and proud of what we can do.

    Thanks for a great post.

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    A great post from another strong woman.

  3. Wow my trainer would love this post!

    We actually had a heated debate in last weeks training session about how infuriating I am that I refuse to take a compliment! He doesn’t compliment me all the time or anything but when he sees how far I have come with something he makes sure he will tell me that I’ve achieved a lot and I am indeed awesome – I can always as he puts it bat back a compliment.

    He mentioned to me last week that I looked great in my new workout gear & that colour suited me and should be worn more often (I always hid in black & new workout vest is neon barbie pink) my reaction was I just thought I’d try something brighter because I’m not a whale anymore, I mean I’m still chubby but I’m not as fat as I was.

    Why do we always say but it’s because of this, or no that’s not true when as you said we should be proud to be awesome, proud of our achievements and super proud to be strong women.

    Thanks for this post you awesome strong woman ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It takes effort especially at the beginning since it is so engrained in most of us to be super modesty and humble.

      But you can be humble while still accepting and agreeing with a compliment – we just aren’t really taught to do that as women.

      I bet you looked amazing in your workout vest!

      And thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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