Wedding Week Part 3 – How to eat clean on vacation

In my opinion, vacation is a time to forget that the word “diet” even exists and to eat anything and everything that looks good. (NOTE: I’m talking about VACATION not simply travel…aka traveling for work every week)

I will eat extra clean before and after vacation just because I want to completely relax and indulge in whatever I want the entire time I’m on vacation.

HOWEVER, there will be times when you want to FEEL and LOOK a certain way so eating whatever won’t really be something you want to do….Like the days right before you are going to get married. Or if you go on a vacation before a competition…

So then the questions arise, “How do you eat well when you can’t cook, can’t necessarily pick where and when you eat and when you still want to completely relax on your vacation and not have to stress?…And how do you continue your diet while still enjoying and not being harassed by friends and family about sticking with your diet?”

You know…The answer really is simple yet most people completely bypass it…PLAN AHEAD!

When I go on vacation, I plan ahead even if it is simply looking for fun things to do and horribly delicious bad for me food.

We plan ahead so we know what our options are and we can make sure we make the most out of our vacation.

So if you plan ahead to make sure the vacation is fun, why wouldn’t you plan ahead to make sure you make your vacation relaxing while sticking with your healthy eating plan?

Before my wedding, I didn’t want to eat a whole bunch of bad food. I wasn’t necessarily worried about how I looked. I was actually more worried about feeling crappy after eating food my body wasn’t used to.

And the last thing I wanted to feel was sick and crappy on my wedding day!

I had to enjoy some delicious cupcakes..I just made sure to use a little portion control so my tummy didn't hurt!

I had to enjoy some delicious cupcakes..I just made sure to use a little portion control so my tummy didn’t hurt!

Therefore before we even left, I considered what I was going to do.

I looked at restaurant options. I thought about eating schedule. Heck, I even chose to simply explain why I was going to eat a certain way.

And guess what?

I EASILY ate well the entire time and felt GREAT at the wedding!

Here is my guide to help you plan ahead so you can eat the way you want on vacation if you choose not to indulge (which also is more than OK when on vacation). These guidelines below are great if you travel a lot for work and want to eat well! And the best part is…THEY AREN’T REALLY VERY CHALLENGING TO FOLLOW!

  • Know your schedule. When will you be able to eat? If it isn’t going to be your normal schedule, how are you going to handle it? If you don’t normally eat breakfast, but have to go out with people, are you going to be ok with just a cup of coffee so you can stick with your normal fast? Or will you maybe eat something small and healthy? Prepare yourself and decide how you will handle situations ahead of time. It always makes you feel less awkward when your mind is already made up!
  • Check out meal options. What restaurant options are there? Find some options and check out the menus. Go in prepared with the healthy options you can eat. The more prepared you are the less tempted you will be to cheat.
  • Don’t be afraid to bring your own snacks or cook.¬†Vacations don’t mean you always have to eat out! I’ve brought my own snacks or even chosen to stay with friends or at places where I can cook. Heck if you are staying with friends, I doubt they will turn down a home-cooked meal (especially if you also do the dishes afterwards!).
  • Use portion control. I don’t necessarily say “use portion control.” I believe in eating when you are hungry and eating till you are full. I believe that if you eat CLEAN, you don’t really have to count calories. HOWEVER, there are times when you are on vacation that you want to indulge while not destroying your diet or feeling like crap. Using some self-control and really watching your portion (aka one cookie) can allow you to indulge while not upsetting the tummy too much.
  • Stay hydrated and watch the alcohol! Often when we are dehydrated we feel hungry even when we aren’t! And when we are on vacation we tend to also be drinking a lot of non-hydrating drinks (I think I made that word up!). To make sure we feel good and avoid overeating, make sure to drink plenty of water! Also, make wise alcohol choices. If you are trying to be healthy, I suggest avoiding fancy mixed drinks in favor of simple beverages. Or just make sure to have ONE fancy drink. Alcoholic beverages tend to have a lot of calories especially if they are fancier, fun drinks. Alcohol also tends to lower our inhibitions and make us crave bad food. Drinking in moderation (or maybe even not at all if you don’t really miss it) can help you stay on track!

How do you stay on track during vacation? Or are you generally like me and use vacation as a time to completely indulge?

And after the wedding...My usual indulging...Heck, when a menu has "fried chicken pot pie nuggets" you HAVE to try them!

And after the wedding…My usual indulging…Heck, when a menu has “fried chicken pot pie nuggets” you HAVE to try them!

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  1. I was totally ready to get my indulge on and pig out during my vaycay. Funny thing happened though, when I arrived ready to drink margaritas till dawn, I didn’t feel like it. I didn’t feel like drinking alcohol or eating whatever. I was craving fresh healthy foods. Go figure??

  2. How did you like Vegas? My parents used to live there and I loved visiting. I found so many wonderful things to do that weren’t gambling, and even just people watching is great there. The bf and I are going next month for my birthday, first vacation in over 2 years, and we’re going to get the 24 hour buffet passes, so we can go get a little food at different places whenever we’re hungry, instead of pigging out all at once and feeling terrible after.

    Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful pics and thoughts!

  3. Even with a plan, I rarely stay on track on vacations for some reason. It always starts off well and then spirals into oblivion. haha I do get back on track afterwards, but it would be nice to maintain some control.

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