Metabolic Workouts – Some are Sprints, Others are more like a Jog

Metabolic workouts are the only sort of cardio I enjoy (ok…I do like sprints as well). I hate long distance running or any steady-state cardio for that matter.

Maybe I love them because metabolic workouts come in all shapes and sizes so you can work all the energy systems. Maybe I just love them because they contain a ton of variety and keep me interested…Who knows…

But they are a version of cardio that I love.

And I don’t just love them because I feel utterly destroyed after each one. Because, in fact, I don’t.

Not every metabolic workout should smash you.

While workouts like the 20/20/20 are great and even essential to your workout routine, so are metabolic workouts where you never redline, where you never feel completely smashed.

It is like the difference between sprints and a long jog. After sprints you may feel exhausted because each one is an all out effort and you need to rest in between. Whereas with the jog, you should feel like you can keep going at the same pace the entire time because you never give an all out effort.

Some metabolic workouts need to be like that. Some metabolic workouts should have you working at 70% of your max output instead of going all out.

Below is a great aerobic metabolic workout. Make sure during it that you never redline. You want to keep moving at about 70% of your maximal output for the entire time.

10 Minute Metabolic Circuits

cardio workout

Stretch and Roll Out:


Set a timer for 10 minutes. Work at 70% and keep moving the entire 10 minutes. Rest a couple of minutes between circuits. This is a great workout to do with a friend or two.

Agility Ladder (Mix up the drills and go forward, backward and sideways. Keep going through then walking back and repeating.)

Med Ball Throws (Rotational throws, side throws, overhead passes, chest passes, throws for height, mix them up and throw against a wall, slam it into the ground, throw it for height or work with a partner. Keep moving, but never redline.)

Crawling and/or Locomotion (Jog, back pedal, high knees, skips, butt kickers, side shuffle, bear crawl, crab crawl, gorilla crawl, keep moving and mix up the drills. Move forward, backward and sideways.)

Stretch and Roll Out:

For more metabolic workouts, check out the Workout Library.

What are some of your favorite cardio workouts?

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  1. I love these workouts. Although I love my jogs, I do enjoy circuits too.

  2. These are my favorite type of workouts. I, too, hate chronic cardio. Love sprints, but all this long distance stuff is not for me.

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