Downplaying Our Beauty

So the other day in the car, Ryan and I were listening to a radio segment about beautiful people being treated differently.

And while the segment itself was completely absurd and light-hearted, I was amazed by all the people calling in and claiming to be beautiful and that it had caused them problems.

I briefly thought, “Who the heck would call in to this!?!”

But then part of me also thought, “Good for them thinking they are amazing looking and not being afraid to say it!”

Rarely if ever do you truly run into someone who believes they are beautiful and are willing to state it out loud. Most of the time instead women downplay their beauty and instead focus on their flaws.

It’s like they are scared to come off as cocky or overly confident. It is as if they don’t want to take a stand in case someone else doesn’t agree with them and instead sees their flaws.

Even when complimented often women will downplay things instead of just saying, “Fuck yea…I’m awesome!”

Why is it that so many women downplay their strengths?

Why isn’t it thought to be acceptable for us to state out loud with our head held high that we agree when someone compliments us and that we know we are awesome?

Is it fear of someone not agreeing with us that holds us back? Is it fear that we will come off as cocky?

Or is it simply that we don’t recognize our own beauty or our own strengths?

Whatever it is, today take a second and say out loud, “I’m fucking amazing and beautiful and today I will kick butt!”

Because, guess what?


Claim the day ladies (and that goes for you too gentlemen!).

Today recognize your strengths and encourage others to do the same!

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  1. I often will hear women (especially) self-depreciating rather than saying something nice about themselves, myself included. I think you have got it spot on. Most people are too afraid as coming across a narcissist. It is sad when you think about it.

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