The Share Something Inspiring Challenge

At the end of May, I got an email from Fit Approach about a challenging they were doing with Lorna Jane as part of their  Sweat Pink Movement – The Share Something Inspiring Challenge.

I figured why not join! I already try to share motivating and inspiring things so why not just try to do it even more often. And it will make me seek out even more amazing, motivational and funny quotes to share!


I thought, “Oh this is great…Offering even more motivation to my clients! A challenge that makes me an even better motivator for the people I care about…HECK YES!”

HOWEVER, the one thing I didn’t expect was that finding all of these extra motivational things to share would affect my own attitude.

I consider myself, in general, to be a very happy, energetic and optimistic person…sarcastic and realistic also but truly optimistic. And driven…most definitely driven….

But I felt myself perk up every time I looked for motivational things to share. There was something about the added extra “positiveness” in my daily routine that made me feel even more upbeat and even more determined to reach my goals.

And it wasn’t that every quote I used resonated with how I was feeling….It was the fact that the extra positive thoughts made me think even more positively.

Which makes sense…Positive thoughts (aka thinking about motivational stuff) mean a positive attitude. And a positive attitude and thoughts mean positive actions.

What that means is every NEGATIVE thought we indulge in about ourselves, our looks, our lives, our goals…..Negatively affects our attitude and, more importantly, our actions.

Even though it wasn’t me consciously thinking positively, the positive environment and positive “thinking” affected my attitude.

That led me to what I wanted to write about today, which is the fact that every time we put ourselves down, every time we read negative things or say negative things, it affects our attitude and our thoughts.

And those thoughts and attitudes, be they positive or negative, are what shape our actions.

So whether you realize it or not, whether you are being “serious” or not, whether you are consciously or unconsciously thinking it, your brain hears everything that you say and think, good or bad.

And those thoughts affect our attitudes even if we don’t realize they are there.

So as obvious as this may sound, you need to surround yourself with the attitude you want to have. Because that attitude will affect every other aspect of your life.

And the more you can immerse yourself in those surroundings, the better off you are going to be.

Because positivity breeds more positivity EVEN if you don’t think those positive things are affecting you, THEY ARE!

Don’t let your attitude hold you back from accomplishing great things!


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