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So I wasn’t fully awake this morning and wasn’t yet ready to start on the daily accounting package so instead I visited MSN Health to see if there were any interesting articles.

What I found disturbed me.

A video about 10 crazy diets, that was essentially just a list of ten diets, passed as an article! There was nothing informative about the video! Not to mention, the caveman or Paleo diet was on there! 😦

This video was surrounded by other dumb videos like “How to walk your way to a flat stomach” and “Lose weight by training your metabolism.” If it were that easy, why aren’t more people in shape!?!

There was also a video called “Five diet rules you can break.”

BLEH! I hate things like that. Five rules you can break? Then why are they rules?

Half the time articles like that just provide people with excuses to break their diets.

Why are we so worried about informing people about the rules they can break instead of telling them about diets that actually work? Why can’t people just be honest and say, “Look being super sexy is hard! Losing weight and keeping it off may be something you struggle with the rest of your life!”

And instead of just listing ten random diets, why don’t NEWS articles explain the diets and why they are supposedly wrong! Or why don’t they list 10 diets that may work for you?

Come on! Isn’t NEWS supposed to inform the population?


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