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So I heard this great quote in an ESPN 30 for 30 last night…

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

YES! This is why I’ve said you need to plan out your workouts and diet program and PROGRESS yourself toward your goal!

But apparently not everyone has heard this quote before.

Yesterday I was also told about a trainer that plays “Bingo” to provide people with their workouts.


Basically, people pull exercises out of a hat and the exercises that they pull out make up their workout for that day.

That means they could pull out all leg exercises and just completely annihilate their legs that day even if they did a leg workout already that week. It could also mean that they pulled out four or five sheets with the same exercise on it so that they had to do burpees the entire workout.


When I heard this, I honestly had to shake myself because I couldn’t believe it. It was potentially the dumbest thing I’d ever heard.

Talk about a lazy trainer. Sorry…but it’s true. And potentially a dumb trainer…Because who the heck could put such little thought into their workouts for their clients and think it was ok!?!

And the worst part about all of this for me was that it wasn’t even being done with people who were just casually working out (not that it would be good even then!)…BUT it was being done with a college athletic team!


A team competing at a high level with specific needs – a specific GOAL!

How the could that trainer think it was ok to have them do random exercises? Did that trainer really think it would help the players reach a SPECIFIC goal!?! Random exercises!?!

And all of the players weren’t even doing the same intensity workout or working the same parts so when they went to do a “planned” workout later that week, some of them may have already completely destroyed that muscle earlier when they played BINGO while others may not have worked that muscle for over a week!

Plus it the stupid game didn’t address imbalances or injuries or ANYTHING!


Seriously hearing that made me so angry.

It also made me sure that I had to post the following statement:

Just because someone has a title or certification DOESN’T mean they actually KNOW anything.

Sorry…but it doesn’t.

So that is why I constantly post that you’ve got to experiment and do your own research.

You should be able to judge if what you are given by a trainer or dietitian or anyone else for that matter has merit. You should be able to judge if something is totally bogus and worthless or something that does have potential to get you to your goal.

And please…NEVER….EVER…play BINGO as your workout!!!!

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