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Striving For Success – How do we get there?

There are two reasons why most people fail at hitting their goals:

A. They give up because they get impatient that they aren’t there yet and feel like they will never be there.


B. They never take a look at where they are at and end up going down with a sinking ship (AKA they stick with a program that doesn’t work because they are too afraid to make changes and someone else told them it worked).

These seem pretty obvious right? You wouldn’t do either of these…right?


Take a look at all the goals you’ve set over the last few years. How many of them have you really hit?

Looking back, you probably haven’t hit that many. And yes, some may not seem important now and you may not even remember why you wanted to set that goal in the first place, but the point is…YOU DIDN’T FOLLOW THROUGH. You didn’t COMPLETE the goal.

You didn’t reach your goal, your dream, for one of the two reasons above.

You didn’t reach your goal because you didn’t track your progress and you didn’t take time to ASSESS.

If you feel like you aren’t making progress or ever going to get there, don’t give up! Look at what you’ve tracked!

For one, when you look at what you’ve done, you may find you’ve actually have made more progress than you are giving yourself credit for even if you haven’t yet reached your goal.

And two, if you aren’t making progress than change what seems to be holding you back! Don’t just give up!

The problem is, most people don’t track. They don’t realize what they are doing day in and day out.

Most people only see where they are not.

We are obsessed with BEING THERE. (Yes…even those people who cling so hard to a failing program are truly so obsessed with being there that they can’t let go of something that is supposed to work.)

And rarely do we enjoy the process or even take chances to step back and assess.

Success doesn’t just happen. It is earned.

It takes hard work, dedication, and lots of failures.

failures on the road to success

Reaching your goal is going to have its ups…And a tons of downs.

You just can’t let the downs, the failures, derail you. But you also can’t ignore them.

Don’t put on blinders. Don’t rush in with no thought about the process.

Take a second today if you are struggling…Whether you are truly struggling to reach your goal or just struggling to feel like you are making progress…and assess the process.

Don’t put the blinders on and just tell yourself that everything is going ok when it isn’t. But don’t tell yourself everything is horrible just because you had a minor set-back!

Step back. Take a deep breath. And truly take a look at where you are and where you started.

I can’t say this enough, but tracking your progress is key. It motivates and allows us to honestly assess where we are and truly how hard we’ve worked and how dedicated we’ve been about getting to our goal.

Tracking allows us to look at what is working and what isn’t working.

Here are some other great articles with tips to help you reach success. These articles are focused on setting powerful GOALS. Because without SMART goals, motivational goals, you aren’t going to achieve success!

While I agree, you want to have the "never give up" attitude, you DO want to have REALISTIC goals.

While I agree, you want to have the “never give up” attitude, you DO want to have REALISTIC goals.

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