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Act as if

So one of the things that really stuck with me from the Training for Warriors course was the statement “act as if.”

Martin mentioned that “you will become what you act.”

I live by this statement.

I truly believe that if you “act” confident/strong/happy you will BE confident/strong/happy.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes time…It takes action.

I’ve said it before….you’ve got to fake it till you make it.


If you want to actually be confident, you’ve got to act the part.

It means telling yourself everyday about the great things that you do. It means presenting a confident appearance to those around you. It means FAKING the confidence.

And before you know it, you won’t be faking it. Somewhere along the way, you will fall for your own story. You will actually start BEING confident.

It sounds strange, but what you are actually doing is fooling yourself into believing something, which in turn ends up making it true.

You aren’t lying to yourself. You aren’t just telling yourself, “Oh I’m so confident.”

You are actually acting the part. You are standing tall. Walking with confidence. Speaking with confidence.

You are fooling yourself into believing in yourself because you are ACTING the part.

You are faking the confidence, putting on the act, until you finally realize that it is no longer an act – You’ve gotten to be the person you’ve wanted and worked to be!

So whatever your resolution for this new year is, don’t give up yet. Take a new approach.

Want to be a person who lives a healthy lifestyle? Tell yourself you are and start doing things that a person who lives a healthy style would do.

Soon you won’t be acting the part. Soon you will be committed to being that healthy person!

Fake it till you make it!

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