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“All Natural” – HA!

Honestly, what does “all natural” mean?

When it’s on a food label, it means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

I found this “all natural” product the other day on a fitness blog (which will remain nameless because they should be ashamed of themselves for recommending this product!).

Vanilla frosting flavor...definitely sounds all natural to me

This is what the blog said, “A single-serving bag of these popped potato and multigrain crisps (similar to Popchips) have about 110 to 120 calories of crunchy munching in them. Not to mention that they’re all natural, with no cholesterol, no trans fat, no saturated fat, no preservatives, no MSG, no high fructose corn syrup, and are gluten-free and Kosher certified.”

These chips that they claim are “all natural” have tons of all natural ingredients in them like “vegetable oil, gum arabic, natural flavor, disodium phosphate, and vanilla frosting seasoning (which contained the gum arabic).”

Yea…sounds REAL natural to me.

The blog article also states, “While they don’t have a ton of nutritional value, they certainly don’t have a bunch of bad stuff in them and are a huge improvement over your usual full-fat chip.”

A huge improvement? Not bad? No nutritional value?

They sound just as bad to me! I mean they are freaking chips with no nutritional value!!

If they lack any nutritional benefit, why eat them?

If they are empty calories, you probably shouldn’t eat them unless you are cheating. I mean most of us aren’t active enough during the day to use those empty calories.

PLEASE DON’T LISTEN TO ARTICLES LIKE THIS!! If you have to make an excuse as to why a food is “ok” to eat, you probably shouldn’t be eating it!!!

AND don’t be fooled by food labels that say the product is “all natural.” If they have to tell you the product is “all natural,” it probably isn’t.

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