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Summer time – Farm fresh food

So I love the start of summer and all of the delicious fruit that starts being in season.

I don’t really eat much fruit during the winter so when summer comes around and the farmers market is loaded with fruit, I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation that sees a berry bush and just devours the entire thing…and then lays out in the sun just relaxing…(Not really sure if this analogy even makes sense…Didn’t look up if bears eat berries….)

But anyway, I love when certain fruits are “in season.” And I love it even more when those fruits are local and organic.

So I won’t go on about fruit and I won’t even spend a long time RAVING about farmers markets and how much I love them, BUT I do just want to clear up a few misconceptions about farmers markets that I’ve encountered when talking to clients about them.

For one, THEY ARE CHEAPER THAN REGULAR STORES especially if you were to try to get the same quality product. Everyone seems to think that farmers markets are super expensive, but they aren’t. And what you get at the farmers market is extremely fresh and naturally raised. (Shoot we even get way cheaper fish at the farmers market than we do at any other market and it is caught fresh that day!)

Two, I’ve encountered people who say they only buy ORGANIC and therefore won’t buy from the stands without the label.

UHM…ORGANIC is a label you have to BUY! Many small farms can’t afford to do that but follow all organic processes! So at a farmers market, don’t worry about the label unless you are going to a super commercial one.

Three, local matters most. If things are local that means everything was picked at the peak of freshness. It is honestly better to buy something local and fresh than it is to buy organic from a foreign country. That organic produce has to be picked and shipped a far distance, which means it can’t be picked at the peak of ripeness – AKA it isn’t going to have near the nutrients that a local piece of produce has!

farmer's market

Doesn’t get any more local than that! Like 5 minutes away!

So honestly, if you can, support your local farms and get the best possible quality food for a very reasonable price! Your body will thank you!

Do you shop at a farmers market? What is your favorite food in-season right now!?!

local and fresh produce

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