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Eat Whole Foods!

Man Biceper Francine shared this article “BPA’s Obesity and Diabetes Link Strengthened by New Study” with me today with the comment, “Another reason to go Primal, people. Or at least organic/grass-fed/all natural stuffs.”

And she is totally right.

This is just more proof that all of the processed crap that we feed ourselves isn’t good for us…no matter how low-fat or fat-free it is.

Nothing can replace eating whole, natural foods raised in humane, ethical and NATURAL ways.

I mean can you really argue that a fatty steak from a grass-fed, free range cow is worse for you than some processed food with chemicals even if that process food has less saturated fat?

I think I’ll take my chances on the yummy steak and avoid all foods that are processed like grains and vegetable oils.

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