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Breathing Squats

With my return to a powerlifting program for the next couple of weeks before moving back to kettlebell work, I’ve started doing breathing squats.

So far they’ve been light as I get back into really handling heavy weight, but I can just tell they are going to be murder soon. Talk about a great way to add strength and power to your legs!

So what are breathing squats?

After warming up, you set a box that allows you to go to parallel or just a bit below parallel.

You then pick a weight that you know you can do for about 10 reps consecutively. BUT instead of doing 10 reps, you are going to do 20 reps with that weight before you put it down.

And trust me, even using a slightly light weight, these have gotten me out of breath and my legs fatigued.

So next time you are looking for a killer leg workout, I want you to do one thing – breathing squats.

Heavy weight. 20 reps. DONE!

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