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Cajun Shrimp and Cauliflower-Avocado Mash

Every Thursday Ryan and I go to the farmers market. While I love so many of the things we get there, I’m by far most excited when the fresh seafood stand has SHRIMP! These are the BEST shrimp I’ve ever had. Always so yummy.

So of course….we had to eat them last night!

AND on top of the fresh shrimp, we had a ripe Reed Avocado (the BEST, most buttery avocados) from the market as well. They are in season right now! YAY!

We also of course had to get cauliflower. Because as you all know…I LOVE CAULIFLOWER!

Ryan took all of our fresh farmers market finds (Shrimp, Avocado, Cauliflower) and turned them into one great meal. He created a Cajun Shrimp with Avocado Cream and Cauliflower-Avocado Mash.

Cajun Shrimp with Avocado Cream and Cauliflower-Avocado Mash

cauliflower mash

Ok yes…the mash is a bit green, BUT YUM!


1 lb Shrimp
1/2 head of cauliflower
1 Reed Avocado
2 tbsp Pasture-raised Cream
1/2 tbsp Chili
2 tsp Cumin
1/2 tbsp Paprika
Salt and Pepper to taste

Cut up cauliflower and steam it until it gets a bit softer.

While cauliflower is cooking, add avocado and cream with salt and pepper to a food processor. Blend until creamy.

Heat a skillet with olive oil. Coat shrimp in spices and add to the hot pan. Get a nice sear on the shrimp as you start to make the cauliflower mash.

Spoon avocado cream into a bowl, leaving some behind in the food processor. Add cooked cauliflower to the processor and blend with the avocado cream left behind.

When shrimp has finished cooking, remove them to a plate and spoon out the cauliflower mash. You can serve with the avocado cream or leave the cream on the side.

A great fresh farmers market meal!

What are your favorite meals to make with your farmers market loot?

Cauliflower Mash

I’m a bit obsessed with cauliflower. I mean I could literally just eat a whole head of it raw.

Is that strange?


But anyway, since it has looked so amazing at the farmers market, we’ve gotten it the last few times and the other night, Ryan created a cauliflower mash with it that was absolutely amazing.

So because I’m cauliflower obsessed and this was a super delicious meal of Wild Caught Salmon steak and Cauliflower Mash, I wanted to share the recipe! (Maybe I should call this the Un-American meat and potatoes…even though I do like grass-fed steak and mashed potatoes…)

Salmon Steak and Cauliflower Mash

cauliflower mash

I’m pretty sure I’ll never make a living as a food photographer.

2 Salmon Steaks
1/2 tbsp Paprika
2 tsp cayenne pepper
Salt and pepper to taste
Cauliflower Mash:
1 tbsp butter
1 tsp diced garlic
1/2 tbsp dill
1 tbsp cream
3/4 head cauliflower
Salt and pepper to taste

For Salmon Steaks:

Sprinkle with spices and then sear in a skillet (with 1 tbsp olive oil) on high heat for 1-2 minute each side. Then lower temperature to medium/low and cook to medium/medium rare. About 8-10 minutes.

Cauliflower Mash:

Steam cauliflower until soft. When you transfer the cauliflower to the food processor, try to get rid of all extra water first. Put into a food processor with butter, garlic, dill, cream and salt and pepper. Blend until everything is mixed and there are no cauliflower chunks.

Then serve steak and mash together. If you are like Ryan, you may even enjoy a bit of hot sauce on your cauliflower mash!

The salmon steaks made one portion for each of us, but the cauliflower mash actually made about four servings…however, it was so good (and low-calorie) that we ended up consuming all four portions! (YUM!)

What random food do you love to consume…like raw cauliflower?

Also, since I’m into self-experimentation and have actually tried a number of the diets on Free the Animal’s list (and happen to agree with his findings), I thought it was interesting to share. What diet have you found to be most effective?

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