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Stop Comparing and Focus On Yourself

I hear all the time “I’m not as in shape as (insert person’s name here) so I’m probably not in-shape enough yet to train.”

I also hear all the time, “I’ve been here as long asĀ (insert person’s name here). Why can they lifting more than me?”


No one is ever in the exact same place as another person or starts at the same point; therefore, you can never compare yourself to another person and their accomplishments.

We all come into the gym, we all start working out, at different starting spots – at different places in our fitness journey.

And no one place is the RIGHT place to begin.

No matter what your level, it is a good time to get started on your journey to a better, fitter, healthier lifestyle.

But what better, fitter or healthier will mean to you, won’t be the exact same thing it means to someone else.

When you start, you can’t look at someone else and compare yourself to them. You can’t compare your progress to theirs or even their current accomplishments to yours.

We each start at different points and are going to have different journeys to success.

Everyone progresses in different ways. And it doesn’t really matter where you are in comparison to anyone else.

All that TRULY MATTERS is that you are making progress toward your OWN individual goals.

So stop thinking about how you compare to someone else and start thinking about how your current situation compares to where you started.

Have you made progress from your starting point to your goals?

Have you learned? Have you grown from where YOU started?

That is what matters.

I mean…Do you truly care if you are better than someone else if it means you haven’t gotten any closer to your dreams?

I don’t….

If you want something to compare yourself to, compare it to where YOU started. Track your goals. Track your progress. Work to make yourself better in comparison to where you started and where you want to be!

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