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Full of excuses and just about everything else…

I’ve been slacking on my diet recently and making excuses for it. I haven’t stuck to my diet consistently since going on vacation. I’ve eaten just about everything Boston has to offer and lots of it.

This wasn't one of my excuses, but it's close.

My excuses have been:

  1. I’m tired and just don’t have any self-control today.
  2. It’s someone’s birthday so I just need to go with the flow and eat whatever.
  3. I just want to have fun.
  4. Oh well…I’ll get back to it next week.
  5. I’m upset and I just want bad food because it will make me feel better.

But food hasn’t made me feel better. It hasn’t really even made the birthday celebrations that much more fun!

And today…I feel like the marshmallow woman. I feel disgusting. And I’m upset with myself for making up excuses and letting myself slack for like 3 weeks straight. Not one week or even two…but THREE.

I’m especially upset since I think that all of my slacking has started to effect my lifting. But…I WON’T LET IT CONTINUE!

I know these dieting setbacks are going to happen.  It’s ok to slip up every once in a while. Everyone does it. But you can’t let minor setbacks lead to a downward spiral.

Figure out why you are struggling to stick to your diet – figure out the issues behind the excuses. Realize where you behavior is leading and decide if that is really the way you want to be heading.

And then remind yourself of your goals. Remind  yourself of why you were on the diet, workout plan, lifestyle in the first place.

Here is my reminder of my overall goals for the Primal/4 Hour Body Diet:

  1. Gain muscle.
  2. Keep from gaining a ton of fat while adding strength for the Powerlifting meet.
  3. Look AWESOME!!
  4. Be healthy – eating only whole, good for me foods. (This is honestly probably the most important although sadly not as motivating as looking amazing!)

Once you’ve reminded yourself of your overall goals, set some measurable goals that you can track over the next few weeks to keep yourself dedicated and get yourself back on track.

It is even helpful to look back at all the progress you have made. It can motivate you to get back on track and it can help you set some realistic and measurable goals for the future.

So don’t let a slip up spiral out of control! Don’t keep making excuses. There is no time like the present to get back on track!!

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