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Is eating well really difficult? Or are you just lazy?

So yesterday I got a text from a friend asking me if a certain pre-made smoothie was healthy.

And my response was…”Well…not really.”

She then replied with, “Ugh. Nothing that tastes good is healthy.”

Is that really truly? Or is it the excuse we use to stop our diet?

Is that really truly? Or is it the excuse we use to stop our diet?

And when I told her to make her own delicious smoothie, she said, “Okay fine. I’m lazy.”

I hear all the time that “nothing healthy tastes that good,” but is that really true? (And actually few ever really admit that they are just being lazy!)

Yes, there are bad foods that I love because of the way they taste and I do indulge in them on cheat days but they don’t really taste BETTER than all the delicious whole foods I eat on a daily basis. And they also make me feel WAY WORSE than all of the whole foods do!

I actually believe that most people would agree with me that meals cooked with whole natural foods can be extremely delicious and that TASTE isn’t really the reason why they don’t eat healthily.

It is laziness.

And yes…maybe that laziness is brought on by the fact that we are emotionally drained or stressed or dealing with lots of other things in life, but it is still laziness.

And our LAZINESS is what makes eating healthily seem super difficult.

Laziness makes us pick fad diets and stray away from cooking.

Everyday we make choices about how we are going to spend our time. And many people decide that cooking whole natural foods isn’t worth the effort.

So they start some diet where they don’t have to cook. They try a short cut. Pre-made foods. Juice diets. Special K cereal (Sorry Special K but you bother me).

And then they wonder why they aren’t losing weight or feeling healthier.

Why aren’t they getting results?!?

So they end up giving up on the diet…”It is just too hard eating well and I’m not getting results,” they say.


If you are TRULY eating well, you WILL get results.

Yes, you WILL have to be patient. Yes, you will have to spend time cooking. But YES, you will get results.

Sorry…there are no IFs, ANDs or BUTs about it…If you eat well, you WILL get results.

If you are lazy and take short cuts, yea you won’t get results and “eating well” WILL seem impossible because who can stick to a juice diet!?!

I mean when you really break it all down, is cooking whole natural foods really that much more difficult or truly time-consuming?

Is it really more difficult or time-consuming than bouncing around from fad diet to fad diet never getting results?

In the end, you waste way more time doing all the failed fad diets than you do spending a little time each week prepping and cooking meals.

Shoot with the Crock-pot you can basically throw everything in at once and just go about your day and come home and have a week of meals cooked for you!

I mean on a Sunday morning while you are eating breakfast, you can easily throw a whole chicken into the oven and cook it for the next few hours while you go about your chores or spend all that time you supposedly don’t have watching TV.

Is that really more difficult than going out and buying prepackaged foods that you throw in the microwave and that leave you always feeling hungry and never get you results?

Is eating crap really less difficult and truly more tasty if you aren’t happy with how you feel?

What matters more?

When it comes right down to it and you dig through all the crap excuses, is eating well really that difficult or are you really just being lazy?

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