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What if you just don’t like water?

So I’ve never been very good at drinking water.

For one, I got used to never having a chance to drink during workouts so I usually have to force myself to drink around my workouts.

Two, I just don’t love water. I would much rather drink something with flavor.

I’ve tried numerous different ways of forcing myself to drink more water.

A few years ago, I would put Crystal light into my water to get myself to drink more liquid. Yes this did get me to consume more water, but the water was loaded now with a whole bunch of crap.

I realized that this wasn’t all that good for me. I was still consuming a ton of the chemicals I was trying to avoid in soda.

So I started trying to just drink water. Forcing myself to just drink water.

This lasted oh about….one week.

So then I moved to carbonated water. For some reason….I LOVE CARBONATION.

No artificial sweeteners. Just carbonated water. Heck even carbonated mineral water.

Although nothing replaces pure water at least I wasn’t loading up my body with a ton of crap.

Things were getting better.

Of course I still know that the most important thing is to stay hydrated and consume enough water, which is why ever day I force myself to make the effort to DRINK MORE WATER!

I mean shoot it is essential if you want to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight AND keep from feeling unnecessarily fatigued!

And I don’t mean that water will help you lose weight just because it makes you feel full (I know this is every magazines’ favorite weight loss tip for that reason).

If you are dehydrated sometimes your body can actually “feel” hungry. It can trick you into thinking you are hungry when, in reality, you just need water.

So you eat unnecessary calories!

Plus, water and proper hydration helps keep your metabolism working at peak performance so that you can efficiently use the calories you consume!

And when you aren’t properly hydrated, you can also feel fatigued. This fatigue can prevent you from getting in a great workout, which may prevent you from progressing toward your fitness and weight loss goals.

So water is super important. I know that and I battle every day to make myself drink it even though I must admit that I would rather drink something with a little more flavor!

But it is worth the battle! I feel so much better when I’m properly hydrated!

So are you drinking enough water!?!

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