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And The Winners Are….

A big THANK YOU to everyone that has shared, commented, liked and been a huge support in the launch of Redefining Strength.

And now to announce our winners of the Redefining Strength Launch Contest!!
RS Girl

Winning 4 FREE Weeks of Online Trainings is…..Jodi.

Winning $100 Off Online Training (or Redefining Strength Products) is….Kim.

Winning $50¬†Off Online Training (or Redefining Strength Products) is….Jess.

I will email you three today and we can discuss further your goals and current program to draft up some great workouts for you!

For anyone else interested in Online Training, E-books or The Redefining Strength Elite Workout Library, we are offering some great deals during the rest of January.

For the rest of January, the Elite Workout Library is just $25 and with the code: RSLAUNCH, you can get 25% off of Online Training and/or any E-Books in the Shop.

Thank you all for your support! And Congrats to our winners!

Get ready for a great breakfast hash recipe tomorrow!

AND if you want to be able to do more push ups and missed it on Social Media yesterday…Check Out my post “Do you want to be able to do more push ups!?!”

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