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Stepping off the Scale

Scales can seem mean.

So with the slow carb diet in the 4 hour body, you are supposed to do one cheat day each week where you pretty much eat everything and anything you want.


BUT the one hard part for me is not getting down on myself when I step on the scale tomorrow and see that I’ve gained about 10lbs from water weight (yes it is very possible for a 120lbs woman to gain 10lbs of water weight from one day of bad eating).

Usually when I see massive gains from cheat days, I freak out even though I know 90% of that is probably water weight. That number on the scale sometimes even governs how I feel that day about how I look.

Sometimes you just curse it or cry.

And it is just plain stupid that one silly little number that can vary up to 10lbs should govern how I feel I look.

I know I’m not the only woman who does this, but I think it is something that has really hurt my dieting in the past. I get so focused on reaching a number that I lose sight of what my true goals are. I look at day-to-day fluctuations instead of weighing only once in a while to sort of get a feeling for where I’m at.

I mean if I just wanted to lose weight then the number on the scale should be of utmost importance. BUT I DON’T. I don’t want to end up 110lbs again with no muscle and be “skinny-fat.” I want to maintain the wonderful muscle I have now and just lose fat – I want to change my body composition.

Since I just want to change my body composition, the number on the scale may never change OR may even go up! Muscle does weigh more than fat!

So I’m challenging myself and every woman out there who focuses too much on the number she sees on the scale – STEP OFF THE SCALE NOW!

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