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All talk?

Do you love talking about health and fitness?


Do you love to find the latest trend and read about it and go all gung-ho for like three days and give up?


I feel like over the past few years I’ve met a ton of people who seem to like TALKING about healthy eating and working out, but that DON’T actually do it.

And those are the same people who wonder why they aren’t getting results.

Sorry but talking about being healthy doesn’t make you health.

You’ve got to actually WORK AT IT.

You’ve got to PRACTICE what you preach.

I don’t sit on the couch eating chips and bread as I tell you to eat only meat and veggies.

I don’t ask anyone to do something that I haven’t done before or am not willing to do myself.

I don’t try a new diet or workout program AND RAVE ABOUT IT only to give up on it a few days later.

Every guideline, every recipe, every workout or tip I’ve written about I’ve tried…And believed in.

As with everything, I’ve evolved. I haven’t given up…I’ve just found better ways of doing things.

So what I’m saying is…

For one, you’ve got to actually give something a try. You can’t just get all pumped about a new diet and talk about it to everyone. And rave about how great it is going for the first week only to give up because of some dumb excuse the next week.

For two, once you give something a try…like really give it a chance to find out if it works, you CAN’T stick with it after it has PROVEN not to work for you.

Basically I’m telling you that you can’t just talk about being healthy or rave about something that isn’t getting you results.

And if you want results, you’ve got to give your diet and exercise experiments a chance to prove if they work. At least a month is needed of strict adherence to know if that program works for you.

On the flip side, if you want results, you also can’t stick with something that you’ve tried and hasn’t work. You can’t just stick with something because it worked for someone else. Don’t just keep following something like a drone. Think about it!

Anyway, the point is that you won’t get results by just talking about being healthy. You’ve actually got to go after it. You’ve got to try things…and I mean really try them. You’ve got to find things that work and things that don’t work and you’ve got to keep growing and evolving.

So stop talking about getting fit and start DOING IT!

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