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I love that feeling of mastering something new – of learning to move my body in a new way.

I love that feeling when something clicks and that new mind-body connection develops.

It is just so empowering!

And two fun skills I enjoyed mastering were the freestanding handstand and the one-arm handstand.


There is just something so fun about  handstands. There is also something ridiculously challenging about handstands.

With handstands we are required to balance on our hands. Doesn’t seem like it would be THAT BAD right!?!

But think about how hard it can be to balance on your feet…feet we’ve walked on and “balanced on” since before we were two years old.

Sometimes we can’t even do that.

And now we are asking our body to balance on our hands? Hands that we rarely, if ever, have required to move and hold us.

When you think about it like that, you come to realize why handstands are so difficult.

They require a mind-body connection that most of us have never worked on. They also require a great deal of upper body mobility as well as upper body and core strength and stability.

So if you’ve never done a handstand, how can you work toward one?

And even if you don’t care about ever doing one, how can you reap some of the benefits of handstand work such as a better mind-body connection and more core and upper body strength?

You can do one of these HANDSTAND PROGRESSIONS – Here is How to do a Handstand.

Whether you’re a beginner who’s never attempted a handstand or you’re so close but just can’t seem to take that last step toward the freestanding handstand, we have a handstand variation to help you out.

Many of these are great isometric moves you can even use to build core stability!

And if you’ve mastered the freestanding handstand and want to take on a new challenge, try these one-handed handstand progressions!

Anyone else love Handstands? What bodyweight skills have you been working to master?

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