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One last Twinkie?

Everyone seems to be talking about the shutdown of Hostess.

Some people worry they will never get another Twinkie while others talk about how this may help the obesity epidemic.

Honestly, I have no desire for a Twinkie AND I don’t believe the shutdown of Hostess will have any effect on our nation’s obesity rate.

It’s the same thing as McDonald’s and other fast food places offering “healthy” foods – If people really want unhealthy food, they will still find a way to get it.

I firmly believe that eating healthy is a CHOICE we can make, no matter our backgrounds or economic status.

If we CHOOSE to eat well, we will buy healthy foods no matter how much money we have or what we ate when we were little.

People claim that if there are more healthy options available then people won’t choose the crap.

I completely disagree. There are healthy options out there. They are pretty easily available – even markets like Walmart now have local, organic produce.


It is PEOPLE that aren’t making the healthy decision.

I mean shoot even people I know who haven’t eaten Twinkies in years are getting one because it may be the last!

We are in control. We decide whether or not we are going to eat well.

What do you think?

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