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This is an article by a guy that I worship, Martin Berkhan. Ryan sent me this article today and I love it! It is a great article that makes you really think about the way you workout and if it is working.

If you have any of the 25 symptoms (and I know a lot of women who suffer from number 10), you should really rethink your workout program. And Man Bicep can definitely help you with number 10 (You’re afraid of “bulky muscles” and use terms like “toning.”).

I’m pretty sure most of us will find we suffer from at least one. I know Candy and I suffer from¬†number 4 (You’re doing too much shit).¬†We definitely aren’t minimalists with our workouts, which is something we will be working on.

Anyway, check it out! Lean Gains “Fuckarounditis”

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