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Mind over Matter

So today I went for a run since I’m actually committed to doing a half marathon this spring…ICK.

Ryan and I have occasionally done the 4 mile run on the beach boardwalk by our house. And honestly, I never have any trouble with the run even if I haven’t been doing any running of any kind.

We even just did it the other week and I cruised along while talking to him. It was fine…not fun…but fine.

BUT while I can even easily survive running 6 miles alongside Ryan, I never really run over 1 mile by myself.

Unlike any other time that I train, I can’t quiet my thoughts when I run for anything over a mile.

I can completely focus and push myself to my limits when I do circuits or weight training or even sprinting, but when I run for longer distances, all I seem to do are focus on any and all little annoyances.

Oh my shin feels a bit tight. Oh my sock is rubbing a little. Oh the headphones aren’t staying in exactly the right spot.

Seriously, I think I focus on every little thing hoping I can just convince myself to stop running.

And the crazy part is, occasionally I will actually get myself to stop.

I’m not actually in pain. I’m not even actually tired.

Usually I’m actually jogging slower than I need to be, but I convince myself that I’m worn out and need to stop because I continue to focus in harder and harder on the little annoyance.

It’s crazy. I can push myself till I’m bleeding or near passing out when doing my circuit, weight training, sprinting workouts, but when I’m running…If I feel my pant leg or shorts leg even rubbing (even if it doesn’t hurt at all), I will use it as an excuse to stop.

For me running for over a mile by myself is a the BIGGEST mental challenge. I need someone there to distract me from my mental whining.

Rarely is my body actually tired when I run. Rarely do I actually get a cramp or stitch. Rarely should I actually ever need to stop. But more often than not, I will cop out when it comes to running.

I will find any excuse to stop. Seriously…any excuse.

My body is fine…my mind is the weak link.


So today I knew I had to suck it up and go for a 5 mile jog by myself. I began all of my mental whining about say…5 seconds in.

Oh the front of my shin is a little tight. Oh my headphones don’t seem to be staying in that well. Oh I think I may be starting a stitch in my side.

But I kept jogging. On my way down the boardwalk, as my the annoyances kept being repeated over and over in my head, I began to psych myself out.

Crap…maybe I should only do the 4 mile run Ryan and I have done. That would be good enough right?

That is when it hit me…

When have I EVER settled for good ENOUGH!?!

So I kept running past our usual turn around spot and headed for the 5 mile half way point.

As I ran back, the negative thoughts began to creep back in. What if I just stop here? Ugh…I’m getting a crap in my side. Why are my headphones not staying perfectly in my ears?

Then I started counting the streets. As they seemed to drag on, I started getting more and more down.

I literally shook my head at myself. What the heck was I doing!?!

My mind was being weak!

I dragged my eyes off the street signs and said to myself, “I WILL do this.”

I then reminded myself that the faster I run, the sooner I will be done.

So I picked up the pace. As I could see myself getting closer and closer to home…as I could see the Newport Pier coming around the corner, I began to sprint.

Just two more streets…

I’m pretty sure the people walking by my house thought I was crazy as I came charging around the corner, but I didn’t care.


I’d made it.

I’d not let my mind give in.

It really is mind over matter. If your mind tells you that you are tired or hurting or uncomfortable, you will stop EVEN if your body really doesn’t need to. If your mind tells you that you CAN do something, you will do it even if you have to overcome stupid annoyances!

So don’t let your mind hold you back!

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