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No Excuses – Workouts you can do ANYWHERE (in 30 minutes)

So I have a number of clients that travel and/or like to workout at home in between days when we train.

They don’t necessarily have access to equipment or even a ton of space although they can get outside or into the gym once a week for a little sprint session.

They are also generally short on time and need something they can either do quickly at before work or at the end of the night when all they want to do is eat and go to bed.

For these clients, I’ve developed 5 basic workouts that they can do ANYWHERE in only 30 minutes!

30 minute timer

A few of these won’t even take you that long!

These workouts include upper and lower body strengthening as well as cardio and metabolic training! You don’t need to do all five every week either.

One week you can do the lower body, upper body and cardio (or metabolic) workouts. And another week you can do the total body, cardio and metabolic workouts. And then a third week you can do the upper body, lower body and total body workouts!

You can really combine the five to help you reach any fitness goals!

Anyway, just a great guide to have if you are ever short on time and don’t have access to much space or equipment!

at home workouts

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